Pool Houses - 2014

Pool Houses has renewed is layout , having now 3 Suites with sharing Common Room and Kitchenette.

Quartos para arrendar, em regime de self-catering, com partilha de piscina, em ambiente rural, a poucos minutos da Praia do Rio da Prata, no Meco, uma das raras praias de naturismo oficiais em Portugal.
A piscina também permite a prática de nudismo. Um local ideal para desligar e relaxar, num ambiente informal e descontraído.
Rooms for rent, self-catering, with shared swimming pool in rural setting, just a few minutes away from one of the few official naturist beaches in Portugal. The pool also allows the practice of nudism. An ideal place to disconnect and relax in an informal and relaxed way.
Jacuzzi com cascata.                                                                                 Whirlpool with waterfall.
Massagens e Terapias

Todas as massagens e terapias são prestadas por profissionais certificados. Necessária marcação prévia. Link

All massages and therapies are provided by certificated professionals. Previous booking needed. Link

Todos os 3 Quartos têm casa-de-banho en-suite, são para 2 Pax, em self-catering (não são servidas refeições) com acesso à zona comum (sala de estar e kitchenette). Os preços incluem taxa de limpeza, consumos de electricidade e água, rouparia de cama, toalhas de banho e toalhas de piscina All 3 Rooms have bathroom en-suite, are for 2 Pax, are self-catering (no meals are served) with access to the common area (living room and kitchenette). Prices include cleaning fee, electricity and water consumptions, bed linen, bath towels and pool towels.
Suite 1 Suite 2 Suite 3
Já disponível para hóspedes!                                                               Already available for guests!  

Pool Houses, naturist lodge
Adress | Morada Sesimbra - Portugal
Post code | Codigo Postal
Place | Local Sesimbra - Portugal
Phone | Telefone +351 917 536 504
E-mail: pool.houses@gmail.com
Website: http://poolhouses.wix.com/poolhouses


How to Become a Nudist - 2 of 3

Method 2 of 3: Practicing at Home

1 - Sleep naked. 

Not topless or in your underwear, completely naked. Sleeping naked promotes relaxation and thus improves the quality of your sleep. On warm nights, sleep naked and skip bed-coverings, too, and see how good you feel fully exposed to the open air.

If you find sleeping naked difficult, work your way up to it. Shed one piece of clothing, for example your pajama top, and when you’re accustomed to sleeping without that, shed the next piece, and so on until you’re sleeping nude.

Try opening a window near your bed (keeping the blinds closed) to let a breeze in. Remember that part of being a naturist is to feel closer to the natural world.

2 - Spend as much time as you can around the house naked. 

Stay naked after a shower. Towel dry and go about the rest of your routine naked. Advance to being naked while you’re eating, while you’re cleaning, and especially while you’re relaxing, be it in front of the TV, with a good book or sunning in your backyard.

If you exercise at home, do it naked, unless it's uncomfortable not to wear a sports bra.
Remember to respect others' boundaries when it comes to nudity. When you're naked in your house, keep the blinds and curtains closed. Don't sunbathe nude in the yard unless you have a high privacy fence.

3 - Talk to your partner about nudism. 

Being naked in a nonsexual way with your partner may take your intimacy to the next level, plus it means you'll be able to stay naked when he or she is in the house.

Discuss whether this is something you could explore together. If your partner isn't into it, ask if he or she would be comfortable with you doing it by yourself.

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How to Become a Nudist - 1 of 3

There are numerous advantages to the nudist lifestyle, including the pleasure of feeling the sun all over your body, no tan lines, and the healthy self-confidence that naturism reflects.

Many people are ready to try nudism yet don’t know how or where to practice it.

Start with Step 1 below to increase your comfort with nudism and help you find ways and places to spend time nude, or (if you need more specific advice) check out the sections listed above.

Method 1 of 3: Understanding Nudism

1 - Recognize that nudity is natural. 
We are born naked and it is our natural state. Clothing keeps us warm and is often necessary to wear in public, but that doesn't mean it needs to be worn at all times.

There's a time for letting your natural self just be. Imagine the freedom that will come with feeling the air and sun touch your skin everywhere, not just places that are normally exposed.

2 Get to know the purpose of nudism. 
Nudism, also called naturism, is about more than the simple act of being nude; it's also about getting closer to nature. In your natural state, there are no boundaries between yourself and the natural world.

How freeing and exhilarating would it feel to lie naked on the beach, or under a tree, one with the natural world and comfortable in your own skin?

People choose naturism to reach this particular height of happiness.

3 Know that nudity isn't always sexual. 
Yes, people have sex naked, but nudity itself does not have to be sexual. Revealing clothing is often more sexually suggestive than being totally naked, since it leaves more to the imagination. If you're worried that becoming a naturist means you're opening yourself up to unwanted sexual encounters, know that for many naturists, it's about being free and natural, not lecherous.

Being a naturist is not about having public sex or exposing yourself to others. Many naturists are modest people who choose naturism for the above reasons, and not in order to sexually connect with people.

That said, nudity can be pleasing to the senses in a sexual way. The feel of air or water flowing uninterrupted across your entire body awakens the senses and may be arousing. This is healthy and natural.

You should not feel ashamed to have or explore these sexual feelings. Suppressing sexual feelings is unhealthy in general, and suppressing them in the context of naturism negates the healthy benefits of a naturist lifestyle.

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The World's First Naked Table Tennis

The world's first ever naked table tennis tournament was held this weekend in London, UK.

Both sexy men and women took part in the nude competition in private room at the Holborn club. It is stated that the game was invented on the very same site in 1901.

The game originated in England during the 1880s, where it was played among the upper-class as an after-dinner parlour game. Since 1988, table tennis has become an Olympic sport.

The Holborn club is Europe's first social ping-pong club where you can play tennis and be naked at the same time but it is not compulsory. There are 17 ping-pong tables available and a restaurant accommodating up to 130 guests.

The contest participants are absolutely satisfied not only with game results but also with process, saying that everybody were a little nervous at first but when the game had started they relaxed.  

The founder of the event, Adam Breeden, is not going to stop and planning even more extraordinary activities in the future. The club has been already visited by such celebrities as Jennifer Lawrence, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kevin Space and others.





We offer a fully self contained loft apartment which can accommodate up to 4 adults in comfort. The apartment consists of a twin bedded room, wc/shower room and a lounge diner with well equipped kitchenette and a double sofa bed. Outside there is a private terrace balcony where guests can sunbathe and dine alfresco.

There are board games and books available in the lounge. Or, why not buy one from Amazon to bring with you.

A selection from our naturist art collection is displayed around the apartment. See our web gallery.

The gardens offer plenty of sun or shade all day on the lawns amongst the various fruit trees, where you can just relax or even enjoy a dip in the hot tub, take a sauna in our Finnish style wood fired sauna cabin and then into the plunge pool to cool off.
Naturest, naturist guesthouse
Adress | Morada Monte de Estacas Velhas, Corte Brique
Post code | Codigo Postal 7665-858 Santa Clara A Velha
Place | Local Viana do Castelo
Phone | Telefone 00 351 936796365
E-mail: naturest@gmail.com
Website: http://www.naturest-portugal.com
GPS: 37°44.94'N, 8°45.48'O


European Clean-Up Day - May, 10th

European Clean-Up Day

Every year, millions of tonnes of litter end up in oceans, beaches, forests and elsewhere in nature. The primary causes are our societies’ unsustainable production and consumption patterns, poor waste management strategies and the lack of awareness of the population.

In order to reduce littering in nature and to give visibility to the issue, the EWWR (European Week for Waste Reduction) coordinates a Europe-wide annual clean-up day.

A European movement
Several clean-up campaigns have been implemented in Europe over the past years to tackle the litter problem. The European Clean-Up Day, “Let’s Clean Up Europe!”, intends to bring these initiatives together  to have a Europe-wide clean-up event that takes place on the same day all over the continent; involving and reaching as many citizens as possible. The European Clean-Up Day will take place on 10 May 2014.

By being part of “Let’s Clean Up Europe!” and helping to clean up their environment, participants can see how much waste is being dumped in their neighbourhood. This action provides a unique opportunity to raise citizen’s awareness on the litter problem and to help changing people's behaviour.

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Naturviana: a naked garden in Portugal

NaturViana want to be a naturist camping rural, with family environment, with a maximum capacity of thirty tents (ninety persons).

NaturViana have also a cozy and a large capacity pool and landscaped gardens this entire area.Set in a small mountain on the north coast of Portugal, in a beautiful and natural area, 382 meters in altitud between Viana do Castelo and Ponte do Lima, and 70 kilometers from the "Porto" and 80 kilometers of "Vigo" (Spain).

This magnificent place, situated on top of Serra da Padela, it is possible to admire the wonderful views of the Lima river and part of the northern coast of Portugal! As an example you can see the Gallery: "Zonas de Interesse Turístico".

For more information: 

Adress Largo de Agros, Sta. Leocádia, Geraz do Lima
Post code 4905-551
Place                                                         Viana do Castelo
Phone +351 258 778 183 / +351 925 927 527
E-mail: info@naturviana.com
Website: www.naturviana.com
GPS: 41.6826700, -8.6738600
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