About Us

Clube Naturista do Centro (CNC) was founded in 1998 and is affiliate of Portuguese Naturist Federation (FPN).  

Our members are all affiliate in Portuguese Federation and therefore we all are INF Card Holders.

We are a membership organisation and provide a variety of activities for our members and others as well as working to promote Naturism and campaign against threats to our lifestyle.

Our Club is run and managed by volunteers. As we approach our 15th birthday, the future is bright with plenty of great things going on, and - despite prudish attitudes to the human body still being around - Naturism as an activity for everyone is widely understood, accepted and practiced.

We earning most of our revenue from membership fees, this means that keeping and getting new members is very important to us, and thanks to them we can keep working and maintain our main indoor activity:

Lisbon indoor swimming pool
                                                          Once a moth from October to April.

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