Nudism on the decline... no way!

Nudism and Naturism are not in a decline path, however the world are changing and our live style follow's trends, so the way how youth see it is different from old fellows.

The economic situation give more focus to our way of spending money, we choose better and wisely.

Naked organizations should work and have strategy's focus on is own "client".

Inf Card Holders and nudist or naturist that want to join Us or other naked organizations are  different nowadays, and they are our "client".

This means that we have to find and work to supply what they are demanding instead of working to our self's, only organizations focusing on is own actual and new members will survive, and this is a never ending job this imply a continuous path on changing and discovering the best way to do it.

Our Club are fully aware of it, and we have different strategy´s to youth, members and possible new members.

We have annual fee to youth or senior members and a lower fee to couples, we organized a monthly swimming pool in winter and several naked and textile activities all year around.

We used a lot online social networks and publish several newsletter and online magazine to delivery our message and reach as much readers as we can.

It wiill be enough ?    

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"I find this amazing and accurate article and subscribe is author. 
First, this trend in my own opinion is happening nowadays worldwide. If you belong to a nudist or naturist organization is very easy to see it. Or if you visit some Naturist Federation website you can find  that youth organization are actually lower than it was in past. Naturist organizations worldwide are probably getting an older average age in is own members likewise general population in those country´s, and this average is increase by less youth membership. 

Second, all organization are aware off it but changing it´s focus to deal with this problem is very complicate. Youth and older naturist have different ways  of language and communication.  Even worst they use different channels to communicate. They have  different interest and different goals nowadays, and all off that  is a mass to deal. Changing how organizations works, changing goals and priorities are very complicate and takes time, and they do not have that time. The problem and the solution must be found and working should start right now  or same organizations will closed. 

Portuguese organizations have the same problem, and our Federation is now trying to reverse this situation with  an lower annual fee to youth but this will not be enough. Our organizations will need to have same staff working and focuses in youth recruitment and at same time have to  grow in older naturist membership. It seems simple but as you know they are volunteers and this effort takes a lot of time. What is your opinion about this ? How can it be fix ? "

From time to time articles appear from various news sources proclaiming the end is in sight for nudism. Just last summer an article noted that membership in the American Association for Nude Recreation has dropped precipitously from a high of more than 50,000 to about 35,000 members.  ... ... It's amusing from the perspective that evidently most people outside of nudist culture are completely unaware that social nudity has been practiced in the U.S. since at least 1929. The nudist subculture preceded Woodstock by several decades. There is a however a grain of truth in reports that nudism is declining. In a recent post about the upcoming 2014 elections for the American Association for Nude Recreation published in the The Altogether, the association's official weblog, it was stated, "The board and executive officers elected in 2014 will be responsible for setting direction to reverse the continuing decrease in membership..." There is no denying then that AANR membership is declining. It isn't enthusiasm for nudism as a lifestyle choice that is declining, but interest in holding membership in nudist organizations. Along with that, there is less interest especially among young adults in visiting traditional nudist clubs as the first choice for social nudity or naturist activities venues. Part of the problem may be that traditional nudist clubs weren't willing or agile enough to make changes that might have made such facilities more appealing to younger nudists yet other factors are at work. Generation X and the Millennials just aren't as interested in joining organizations as were past generations. Memberships in nudist organizations are declining for the same reason that memberships are declining in fraternal organizations like Moose Lodges and the Elks. Today American nudist and naturist organizations seem to be primarily occupied with fighting a rear guard action, dug in and trying to cling to the hard won clothing-optional victories won during the Lee Baxandall era. That brings to mind a quote from Ellis, a character in the film No Country for Old Men, "All the time you spend trying to get back what's been took from you, more is going out the door." [More from Dallas Nudist Culture: The ethical nudist] In large measure, decline of club nudism is simply the product of the natural evolution of nudist culture. Along with rejecting established social norms regarding when it is appropriate to be nude, I think the younger nudist generation also rejects the notion that public nudity has to be quarantined to specific venues to appease those in society who don't approve of it. I think that is a positive and believe change is good. Based on what you see and hear these days on the web and elsewhere it appears quite evident that interest in being nude because it is relaxing, liberating, comfortable and just good, wholesome fun is growing, especially among young adults. They simply prefer to do nudism in the ways that make sense for them rather than embracing the ways past generations have done it. I personally don't see anything wrong with that.

 Original article  (bold was used to focus my own opinion)


Nude yoga

Nude Yoga - Wellness in Motion from YogaHotClub on Vimeo.

In Portugal you can practice nude yoga in Lisbon.
Just join Us our Club and get a Portuguese Naturist INF Card, then  you can join yoga session´s, 3 times a month.
Contact Us for more information.


Reality Project

Another project about ours body.

A lot of photographer´s work with naked body´s but will this help naturism ? Give us your opinion how and if exposure our nakedness help naturism to grow and become more accepted by society.

Nowadays, we are surrounded by images of bodies seemingly perfect.

But are we are sure that is real beauty?
The images that we experience every day impose a standard of beauty that is very far from reality.
You have to be tall, thin, with smooth skin, big breasted or show a perfect six pack.
When these features are not natural, it’s “normal” to abuse photoshop to achieve this “ideal”.
The intent of “Reality Project”, as the name suggests, is to photograph normal people, real and nude, letting the body show their natural beauty, with no tricks or retouch, in all its shapes and sizes.

Be Real.
Website   Facebook

Beautiful Naked Stop-Motion

Sam isn't very happy with his body, but see what happens when he starts to listen to what his body is trying to tell him.

Using nakedness to promote health products is very common nowadays.  
                                                                        Do you agree with it?
Does it help naturism way of life developing?


ENY - European Naturist Youth

ENY is the International Naturist Federation (INF-FNI)'s committee for youth.

ENY will help local youth naturist to organize groups near by where they live.

ENY could help them to participate in Youth annual meetings.

By joining our Club you will became part of the Portuguese Naturist Federation, the International Naturist Federation and ENY.

We have a very lower special annual fee for Youth. For 22.5€ per year you will belong to all those organizations.

Join Us and enjoy a new way of living.

Take part of the two traditional annual events organized by ENY:
  • the Spring Youth Rally;
  • the Summer Youth Rally. 
They gather 50-100 youth from dozens of European countries.

The Spring one will take place at Le Betulle resort near Turin (Italy) from Wed 28 May to Sun 1 June 2014.

The Summer one will take place at Solaris resort near Poreč (Croatia) from Mon 28 July to Fri 8 August 2014.

ENY will send you detailed information when they'll be available.

ENY's contacts are



Christmas swimming pool

Our Christmas swimming pool will take place on December, 14.

If you live our visit Portugal join Us for an amazing naturist moment.

Contact Us for further information our visit Portuguese blog for more information.

Link: Price,  Transport,  Local, 2014 Calendar.


Promoting clothes free living

Video in German with no subtitles but good viewing any way promoting clothes free living.
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December, 6th: Flying Solo's Work in the Nude Day

Celebrating the freedoms of working from home

On Friday 6 December, 2013, we would love you to take part in Flying Solo's second annual Work in the Nude Day.
The day is a way for us to rejoice in the freedoms of working by yourself, from your home. After all, us soloists are the only people who can get nudie at work!

In 2012 the day went off with over 500 participants on the Facebook event and hundreds more pledging their support on Flying Solo’s forums and social networks, extensive media ‘coverage’ and over 50 daring souls stripping off for our selfie competition. And now Work in the Nude Day is back – and this year it’s cheekier than ever!

Birthday suit yourself

This year's Facebook 'selfie' competition features some fantastic prizes, plus you'll get to feel the buzz among our community on the Flying Solo forums and Twitter (using the hashtags #WorkintheNudeDay and #WITND)

Pledge your support right now!

Whether you choose to work bare-skinned or in your PJs on the day, we want to know you’re taking part. You can show your support by doing any or all of the following right now:
Enter the Work in the Nude Day Selfie competition
Like/Tweet/Share this Work in the Nude Day page
Join the Work in the Nude Day event on Facebook
Like the Flying Solo Facebook page
Post a comment on Flying Solo’s Facebook page

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Womens' FAQs

Many women in the United States have a difficult time with body acceptance and with nudity in general. There is no where else in the world where there are so many women and teenage girls (and increasingly believe it or not also men) killing themselves from horrible eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia because they cannot accept their bodies. Given what women and young girls see, hear, and have held up as standards of what it means to be beautiful and who society as a whole holds up as standards of beauty, it is no small wonder that most women would be reluctant to participate in naturism before really finding out what naturism is about.

For most women the only thing standing between them and regaining a positive self image and the self esteem that they have lost over the years is simply this: the things we women tell ourselves. Things like…. Well maybe if I was in better shape or I am just too fat, it is these little put downs that we all from time to time silently tell ourselves especially when we are talking about our bodies and nudity. While naturism isn’t an overnight antidote to this, and to the larger issue of societal pressure for women and girls to look a certain way to be considered beautiful and be accepted naturism does, can, and will help.

Naturism is not just some lifestyle as some believe; it is a way of life, a way of living. It can be and is a wonderful awakening for a woman and is probably one of the most liberating things in her life she will ever experience. For many women who are involved in naturism one of the things they want most is to help other women deal with the issues they have surrounding nudity and their bodies so that they too will able to allow themselves to know the freedom there is when you break free from the shackles of body shame, as well as the many health benefits (both physical and mental) that naturism can bring in a relaxing, safe, and family friendly environment.

So maybe at this point you are seriously interested or at least willing to be open minded enough to considering giving naturism a try, but there are a thousand questions running through your mind that you want answered before doing so. Well, here are some of the most common questions and answers to those questions many women have about naturism.

Q: Do I have to have a perfect body? My figure, to say the least, is less than perfect. Will I feel out of place?

A: The perfect body does not exist. 99.99% of us don't have that "perfect" body. About one figure in twenty seen at a naturist park is exemplary; the rest will be like people everywhere. Actually, a person's physical proportions mean less in naturist parks than elsewhere. Many naturists (both male and female) will never take any prizes for physical beauty. Ladies who are disturbed by the thought that they might be less than ideal in this regard should put aside their concerns. Remember we are all of different shapes and sizes and the shape of our bodies is unimportant. Your imperfections are normal and should not be a source of anxiety. Naturists feel comfortable about their body and forget about their imperfections because it's not something that matters a great deal to us.

Q: What if I am having my period?

A: Again, this is a natural occurrence and is part of normal and healthy function of a woman's body. If a woman is comfortable with one, a tampon is the simplest method of dealing with that time of month, however a pad could be used also. If a woman prefers she can wear shorts or bikini bottoms. A woman should use whatever she will feel most comfortable for her personally.

Q: I heard that naturist groups are just people who get together for orgies. Is this true?

A: Actually, no. This is probably the most common misunderstanding about naturism there is. Naturists believe it is our cultural heritage of body shame that leads to an unhealthy obsession with sex. Naturists believe sex is a normal, healthy part of life, but one that should be enjoyed by consenting adults in private and behind closed doors so to speak. Naturists believe clothes-optional beaches, resorts, or social gatherings are inappropriate places for sexual activity. They recognize that while nude is not lewd, public sex is offensive to many people, and is almost always illegal.

Q: Am I likely to be improperly approached / hit on at one of your event?

A: Hopefully this will never happen. If such a thing does occur, please do not hesitate to let one of the Heartland Naturists officers know right away. The offending individual will be ejected from the event and their membership would be revoked if they are a member. (Same thing would happen if it is a guest at one of our events.).

Q: Will my / our children be shocked by their first sight of naturists?

A: No. Children are natural naturists and usually take to it with a minimum of adjustment.

Q: Why do people like to swim without a bathing suit? What's the big deal anyway?

A: The freedom of swimming clothes-free is wonderful. Once you try skinny-dipping, you'll never want to swim with a suit on again.

Q: Why do women choose nude recreation?

A: Because it is fun….. Most women love it once they try it and they find the real joy of actually being a woman once they allow themselves the freedom of experiencing naturism in a social setting! Not to mention the relaxation, stress relief, positive body image, body acceptance, and self-esteem they quickly learn to feel from nude recreation. Most women today have fond memories of going skinny dipping or in a spa or hot tub when we were young and innocent, so it's really not all that new. Naturism is becoming very popular and there are a great many wonderful reasons for women choosing nude recreation in today's world, including the many health benefits it offers. There are naturist facilities where you can recapture that innocence, landed clubs as well as travel clubs, beautiful resorts, spas, hot springs, beaches, retreats, bed and breakfast inns, campgrounds, luxury ocean cruises, and even entire nude cities in the world today, where you will meet a wide variety of really wonderful and friendly people diverse in ages as well as professions.

Q: How are women naturists different?

A: Naturist women are not very different from other women, other than having a greater deal of self-esteem and confidence and feeling more comfortable and relaxed about their body and appearance. We allow ourselves the freedom to relax, enjoy life, have fun, and on the average we are happier than most other women, but other than that we are the same! In our day to day lives we are really not different at all. We are representative of the general public and are from every profession, every age and body type. Some of us are Republicans, some are Democrats, and some vote Independent. Some of us are married, some are single, some have strong religious convictions and virtually every denomination is represented. All these diversities come together sharing a common philosophy to raise the level of understanding and perception of ourselves through clothing-optional living.

“I like the 'realness' of nudism. Being a naturist gives you a sense of freedom and security. I've gone from being very insecure, to hanging out with the Heartland Naturists and feeling comfortable in my own skin.” - Lynn S

“I love the freedom and comfort of naturism... From the moment I arrived... it felt completely natural... There was never a moment when I felt uncomfortable or embarrassed. Everyone was very welcoming and supportive.” - Jim C

“We realize now we need not be intimidated.” - Tim & Patty G

Leave Us your opinion about women in naturism

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Misconception: Naturism and sex

There is a misconception perpetuated by the porn industry that nudists get together to have sex. But that’s not true. Nudists get together for house parties, cookouts, volleyball, swimming, hiking, camping, bowling, billiards, watching movies, reading, playing card games, and on, and on. But we don’t get together for sex.

Nudists go without clothes because we are more comfortable physically with having no restraints of clothing on our skin.

And we’re more comfortable psychologically with who we are as people. We accept others for who they are, not for what they look like.

In the summertime, nude volleyball is a very popular - and very competitive - sport. Each year, teams compete to go various national volleyball tournaments.

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CNC: 15th Anniversary

Last Saturday we celebrated our 15th Anniversary with a session of indoor swimming pool.

We had the presence of Afonso, our newest Associate with one month of age, who have received the traditional welcome gift to our planet and naturism , and is own international membership card by the Portuguese Federation .

With the presence of a large number of associates , including the Francisco that joined Us since our first year of activity .

We welcome the new members , returned members and those who took the initiative to try for the first time our naturism pool activities .

Fifty Associates , Friends and Participants attended this activity , most notably that participants ranged from one month of age to 70 years and more than half were under 40 years in a dynamic and family way.

We thank you all by this special moment and for your enthusiastic participation in our activity.


Make yourself a member of our Club and takes full advantage of being a member of our Club, the Portuguese Federation of Naturism and the International Naturist Federation.
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Centre Helio-Marin de Montalivet

For this new issue of the magazine « I tested for you », Nathalie stopped at the one of the oldest French naturist sites : Centre Hélio Marin in Montalivet. It was there in Aquitaine that the French Federation of Naturism was born 60 years ago.

Nathalie first visits the accommodation, then meets Stéphane Barbe, the site’s manager. After a very appeasing yoga session, we discover the workshops in the village and the restaurant Marineiro with the chef Denis Chantal. The visit of this beautiful site would not be complete without a stop at the spa and another at the aquatic park.

Nathalie, our faithful guide, leads us around the CHM and finally to the beautiful beach of fine sand.

More information about CHM Montalivet HERE and HERE

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101 Things to Do Naked! A Guide to Dress-Free Living

There are certain things you don’t want to do naked. Frying bacon is one of them.
But creating snow angels in freshly fallen snow, making ice wine, doing yoga and staining the deck are all a-OK activities to take on in the buff.
That’s just a sampling of the cheeky advice dished out by local writer Catherine Roberts. Her book 101 Things to Do Naked! A Guide to Dress-Free Living was published last month and is now available via Amazon in a Kindle or paperback edition.

The book offers a fun glimpse into the life of a laid back naturist on a self-described mission to alter a “clothes-minded” society.

“I started on a journey a year ago documenting things that you can do naked, and actually doing most of them,” Roberts said. “I thought it would be a funny book, a ‘joy of living naked’ kind of thing. I’m really into humour. I think humour is the best medicine.”

Despite the title, the book isn’t simply a straightforward list of things you can do in the nude. It’s a series of amusing stories and anecdotes into which the author seamlessly weaves the 101 items.
Featured prominently in the book are Roberts’ partner, Jay, and their beagles. The seed for her book was actually planted when Roberts woke up one morning to the steady thumping of an ax.
“I went out and was watching Jay in nothing but his rubber boots chopping wood, and I thought ‘There must be 100 other things you can do naked,’” she recalled.

Each of the book’s 12 chapters represents one month. As the book description states, “this story encompasses four distinct seasons in Atlantic Canada: black fly, summer, fall, and cold-as-a-witch’s-t**”

“This is not exhibitionism or voyeurism. Streaking was something people did for attention in the 1970s at sporting events, and flashing is a form of perversion,” Roberts explained. “I’m a naturist. I don’t mind being naked... Maybe a lot of people feel this way and want to be like this too.”

Of course, a clothing-free lifestyle carries with it different risks and benefits depending on the season, and Roberts gives readers the bare facts.

She also doesn’t cover up the fact her book was written with a view to capturing the attention of talk show host and comedienne Ellen Degeneres.

“Her slogan is ‘live, love, laugh,’ and this covers that. I’m promoting humour, promoting literacy through humour, and enjoying life,” Roberts said. “I want people to have fun with this book, to enjoy it, and to live naked. It’s a journey.”

The book is illustrated by Halifax-based freelance artist Mike Dominic. His past illustration work has been published by Apex Books, Sketch Magazine and Penguin Books. In addition, he’s a regular contributor to the Lovecraft Ezine.
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Facebook Liberation Day

Our Clube is finally able to publish on Facebook after 30 days of suspension due to the next photos.

It´s our Facebook Liberation Day !!!

Once again we give our thanks to those charity souls that help  and gave us their support and strength to go forward  and do a better work in spread and promote naturism in our country by  denunciate our photos .
For future memory our photos denunciated to Facebook, some of them published in 2012:                                                                           


Naturist Wellness...in Frederksberg

Some Would Change Social Nudism... 
                                                                         ...and they don't know what they're talking about. 

Remember that when they spout their ideas of  'change'. The only change that's needed is in their attitude, not that of the rest of the nudist world!
                                                                We're fine! 

 The folks in this video can testify to that. 



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bookstore attacked for 'naked reading' campaign

The posters showed topless models standing in front of bookshelves or sitting on chairs reading with their chests strategically obscured by books.
Full article and credits here.



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35 Stunning Examples of Artistic Nude Photography

In the minds of many of us, nudity equals pornography. In this showcase I hope to prove that doesn’t have to be the case. Here I am bringing you a collection of stunning, strictly artistic nude photography. I have not purposely searched for black and white images, but the best artistic shots seem to very often be black and white. Also, I have tried to gather a selection of both male and female images, however, there is a much greater availability of artistic female nude photographs and that is reflected in this showcase.

See full article and photos here.


Famous Naturists

Yes indeed, there really are many famous people that are well know as being naturists. here is a listing of those people we could find are know to be naturists, both historical figures , famous people from the past, and from contemporary culture in the USA and elsewhere.

See full article and list here.



Why Nudity is Required

The following article reflects the relationship of the Naturist Park "Oaks Family" in Canada with visitors in relation to the practice of nudity.

But the concept could be universal.

Do you agree with compulsory or mandatory nudity? Should we have mixed environments? 
Leave your opinions.


Fully Disclothed...

... is a photography project in the name of self-exposure; it is an invitation for people to disturb their ordinary day-to-day activities and do something they thought they wouldn't, while doing what they usually do.

This project invites Torontonians –especially those who would never be photographed naked– to be photographed naked in their space, doing their thing – whether that be painting, meditating, or creating internet memes.

The resulting photos end up here, so these people can know themselves as someone with enough guts to be naked on the internet. In a few words to accompany the photo, they can say what the experiment meant to them.

"As I continue to work and paint I hope to find others who foster vulnerability."

I feel naked to begin with. I feel confident in my nakedness and vulnerability around Joslyn. She has always been vulnerable around me. We share with each other our artistic practices, our poetry, our thoughts our ideas. Our intimate dramas. There is a real freedom and comfort in being completely open around a friend. Although, I did find it challenging painting while being photographed. That to me was more of an obstacle than the nakedness. As I continue to work and paint I hope to find others similar to Joslyn who foster vulnerability. It was a joy to depict this value through baring my body while doing what I love; painting.

Fully Disclothed project site
News article about this project


A Beautiful Body Book Project 2013

Join The Movement Of Women Around The World Reshaping Body Image & Sharing Your Stories:

www.ABeautifulBodyProject.com - Jade Beall

This video is dedicated to all women, everywhere. YOU are irreplaceably beautiful. The project is dedicated to images that are not digitally altered, and shed light on the journey of women around the world to find beauty in themselves, to find self-confidence. It's time.

Volume 1 will specifically be photographs of mothers by Jade Beall and essays from each mother.

Find the music from this video by my sister Sapphire Bell here: www.SapphireBell.com

For more information please visit www.ABeautifulBodyProject.com

See video below:


South Korea considers first nudist beach

The idea was put forward by the East Sea-Rim Headquarters (ESRH) - a department of the government in the eastern province of Gangwon - but is already receiving protests from the public, officials said on Wednesday.

The proposal envisages opening a nudist area by 2017 to attract more foreign visitors to a province known for its sandy beaches.

"We see this project as part of our efforts to promote tourism," an ESRH official said.

Despite its rapid modernisation, South Korea remains a largely conservative country and the official said the plan would need the approval of local residents.

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Nudist interview

True nudist interview with Katrina Rainsong

"I have just viewed this wonderful interview with Katrina Rainsong – who is a nude yoga teacher and a naturist – and wanted to share it with you. I have made some kind of a transcript of the video. You can either read the text or view the video. I hope you enjoy it.
The interview starts with"


Report from the 32nd INF-EuNat Pétanque tournament at CHM Montalivet in France from the 13 until 15-09-2013

This year’s INF-EuNat 32nd Petanque Tournament was held on the site of CHM Montalivet in France, with the committee as well as members of the Association NACA and the Association of Naturist Friends of Montalivet working together to ensure a wonderful weekend of sport.

Competitors and supporters where spread around this large site, with part of the first day being locate your teams! Once the welcome drink on the Friday evening had taken place everyone soon quickly located friends old and new for this popular competition. We had 8 different countries knowing each other very well because they are waiting impatiently every year for this event to happen. Then the flags from United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany Switzerland and Luxembourg appeared. So, a total of 251 players and visitors. Some people decorated their tents and caravans with flags and bunting, helping us all to identify were we all where.

The games were declared open by the representative of EuNat Jim Russell Sports Officer and a welcome speech by Peter Brandner and the umpire. Then with a blow of the whistle the tournament was on. AS the morning play was going so well, no-one could have foretold the dread rainfall which happened in the afternoon, when play was not possible due to the heavy downfall. Following a meeting of the responsible coaches it was agreed to postpone play for the rest of the day and begin again early the next day. On waking what a delight to find some warm sun appearing from the clouded skies, once again play was on with an agreed 1 hour for lunch we quickly made up on lost time.

As the sun shone, it was pleasing to hear laughter, deep discussions and friendly banter around the playing areas. The final round was between France and the Netherlands, the home team was defeated by a young Netherlands team in a game that had competitors, supporters and onlookers holding their breath as some challenging shots were played on both sides. A match that will be remembered for a long time for its thrilling conclusion. So in 1ST place was Johan & Djamiila Vink (NFN) in 2nd Claude & Gislaine Pinaud (FFN) with the 3rd place taken by Gerard Ducoin & Viviane Roque (FFN). Within the consolation tournament 33rd place was Kurt & Kathe Dambacher (DFK) in 34th Silvio Reinhardt & Svenja Feddern (DFK); in 35thJan Paashuis & Ali Wijnstekers (NFN) and holding us all up was in 64thFrancesco Ferrant & Luisa Mussa FENAIT. This year’s results marks it as 4 years consecutively a team from the Netherlands have won the EuNat / INF-FNI Petanque Tournament. I think it must be the flat ground so often used to play in the Netherlands!

Last but not least, the management of the CHM offered a free one week holiday for 4 persons to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the main tournament and to the 1st and the 2nd of the consolation tournament.

During the closing of this tournament all the trophies were handled to the winners, with all the players receiving two bottles of wine one red and one rose. This was quickly followed by the multiple of gifts being handed over to the organizer and site by the federations Sport Responsible and Presidents of the different countries that had taken part in the games.

Concerning the restaurants the food for the weekend was of a high standard with the Saturday Gala Dinner proving to be a great hit.

As the evening carried on we were entertained by a regional musical performance by the 21ST Century Funk; a group of 11 musicians who kept most of us dancing to the midnight hour.

I wish to pass on my thanks to everyone concerned in the organisation of this event. Another year of success, were we meet together played our games, remained overall in good spirit and experienced the delights of the Montalivet site.

At the time of writing this report we do have a Federation that has submitted a request to organize this event in 2014. When we have a date it will be sent out to the federations. I look forward with delight for the coming year’s event.
Jim Russell EuNat/ INF-FNI responsible of sports and leisure for Europe


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Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is a serious issue being faced by women and men, of all ages on a daily basis. These are our mothers, grandmothers, daughters and our aunties, These are our friends, co-workers our neighbors.  And 1 in 7 of them will receive the shocking news of a diagnosis today, tomorrow and every day.

A serious issue requires a serious message - and some serious images.
Recently a television advertisement screened in Scotland showing women’s breasts and nipples illustrating that a lump is not the only indication of breast cancer. This graphic advert resulted in a 50 percent rise in the number of woman contacting their GP about this disease and getting checked.

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation were advised not to create a similar advert for New Zealand as it would breach standards of decency for television advertising – and be relegated to a late evening time slot.

Nipples are not indecent. They are natural, common to both men and women, and not something secret or dirty. We allow our children to watch daytime and early evening TV with advertisements where men model jeans or underpants topless.

In Portugal we can see nipples on TV, newspaper or magazines at all times, so this is not a problem in our country, but we do understand that in some countries this will be a problem. 

We do believe that some images should be more efficient than lots of words, we do believe that shock images will increase self diagnostic and more doctors appointments .
The Portuguese Naturist Federation and our Club promotes health and well-being.

We commend and support the efforts and successes of the Portuguese Breast Cancer Association and other associations like Laço in educating men and women of our country about the signs of the disease; in supporting those affected by the disease; and their continued work in finding better treatment and greater survival from the disease.

We believe, and results overseas confirm, the most effective method for portraying the seriousness of this disease is through a visually hard-hitting and thought-provoking advertisement campaign.
A serious issue requires a serious message - and some serious images.

Nipples are not indecent and an advertisement that warned and tried to protect the women we love and respect should be screened at any time, anywhere.

You should follow your country's association advice for more information in English visit this one
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Nudist, Naturist Or Clothes Free?

An article giving three definitions about our way of life.

In Portugal naturists follow the INF definition:

"Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, linked to self-respect, tolerance of differeing views together with respect for the environment".

And nudism is just a way of been naked.

The Clothes Free option  does not apply and probably will not be used in the future, we like the INF definition and well organized point of view.

Read the next article and give Us your opinion. Will Clothes free be applied in Portugal or even in Europe ? 

What exactly is the difference between a nudist and a naturist? 
For the most part, the terms are used interchangeably, although there is some debate over nuances about meaning.


Should It Be Illegal For Woman To Go Topless In Public?

A video on a topic that is having a big discussion in the U.S. and all over the world. 



Women in Naturism

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If that picture shows your idea of what it's like to be a woman nudist, you're both right and wrong! Though that was 75 years ago, people still do play volleyball at nudist venues, and many of them are pretty good looking too! On the other hand, most nudist women wouldn't be any more likely to be featured as cheesecake on a magazine cover any more than most Textiles would. 

Nudists/naturists are just ordinary people and come in all sizes and shapes! Women, especially, being generally more sensitive to their appearance than men (thanks to a bunch of social reasons) tend to be reluctant to bare it all in front of strangers. Poor body image, the scourge of women, simply has no place in social nudism.

In fact, the easy shedding of those fears and concerns about one's body is one of the main reasons women become such enthusiastic fans of naturism! Though hard to believe, most women find it amazingly simple to adjust to social nudity; that's because for perhaps the first time in their lives they are in an environment where beauty and shape are not the basis of how others see them. 

There are masses of articles on this subject and we offer some of them here. In most, you will find a similarity as to how nudism not only offers a weekend respite from body image concerns, but carries over into daily life as well. 

As we learn to accept and appreciate ourselves as we are, we're less vulnerable to outside influences working to convince us otherwise!

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Naked Conversations with Nude Women (2012, 10 minutes, The Netherlands) from Lundoxia on Vimeo.